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We are World wide (Bulk) Exporters of minerals.

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Competitive in
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We are proud to offer online, Tanzania dynamic varieties of finest gemstones, Mineral ores and Mineral Specimens such as Amethyst , Quartz, Moonstone Blocks etc.

We are also Suppliers of Minerals Ores; Silica Sand, Chrome Ore, kaolin, Graphite, Gypsum Soft Rocks and Currently Iron Ore.

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Seab Gems Ltd 's, under Seab Group Umbrella a Superb success story which started with a humble beginning.Operations have expanded astronomically since 2002.


A major development within the restructuring of High standards of performance ,excellence and integrity.

03.our strategy

Seab Gems Ltd growth strategy is positioned on become one of the Competent companies in Minerals Exportations Worldwide from Africa.

04.our values

What makes us unique is that, We know our Field of Business. We invest in Research regarding mines Ourselves. We know every region in Tanzania and what can produce in Minerals.

We are leading minerals Exporter in East Africa

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