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Silica Sand

Silica Sand



Silicon is the most abundant element on the earth's surface and in the form of silica is consumed in a great number of industrial uses. Silica has many industrial applications in abrasives and polishes, in glass manufacture, fillers and extenders, silica brick manufacture, as a catalyst, in specialty coatings, cleansers, ceramics, electronics, optics and refractories, in ferro-silicon manufacture, rubber, and as a frac sand. Processing of silica of specific quality yields several types of specialty silicas. These include colloidal, fumed, fused, high purity ground, silica gel, and precipitated silica.

Colloidal silica is mainly used as a high temperature binder for silicon wafer polishing and carbonless paper. Fumed silica, because of its unique strength, thixotropic properties and flatting properties, is a valuable ingredient in rubber, plastics, specialty coatings, adhesives, cement and sealants; and aids in manufacturing pesticides, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, defoamers, inks, abrasives and batteries.

Fused silica is produced by fusion of very high quality silica sand feedstock in electric arc and resistance furnaces. The resulting product is very different from the original silica sand due to the extremely high quality, consistent chemistry, high resistance to thermal shock and low thermal conductivity. It is therefore suitable as a filler for electronic encapsulants, refractory and investment castings and specialty coatings.

High purity ground silica is produced from silica sand or soft, friable rocks and is often referred to as amorphous silica. It is used mainly in specialty coatings, plastics, rubber, electronics, abrasives, refractories and optics depending on average particle size, distribution, hardness and refractive index. Silica gel is an extremely pure, porous, and amorphous form of silica known for a high degree of internal surface area, hardness, uniformity and chemical inertness. Its ability to absorb liquids makes it valuable in a wide variety of applications including catalysts, anticaking agents in food and pharmaceutical products, desiccants, cosmetics, plastics, specialty coatings, paper and adhesives.

Precipitated silica is another type of specialty silica which is mainly used as a reinforcing agent in tire compounds. Its properties also provide anticaking, conditioning, suspension, and viscosity control in products like tooth pastes, deodorants, nail polishes and vitamin tablets.

We can ship even at 1 go about 500,000 tons but due to the limited Ships then we can only ship at least about 5000 tons. Mostly our Silica Sand is parked in Polythene bags of 50 kilograms weight. We have received many emails from different clients around the world who are requesting for parking the Silica Sand as a loose cargo, that means just parking the Silica Sand over the whole board of the ship without any bags or containers. For that way or parking the cargo that means the Client will have to rent the whole Ship which is highly cost. So normaly we do park it mostly be in 50 kilograms polythene bags then stuffed in either 20 FT containers or 50 FT containers. The major ports in Tanzania are in Dar es salaam and Tanga and sometimes there is a limitation also of hired Containers and that limit the shipping of the cargo.

Also for the cargo that has been shipped from Dar es salaam to either China then a cargo which does pass this route will have to be to take Transhippes routes, That means a cargo will leave Dar es Salaam port then leave for either India, Then over there in india will have to be unparked and then parked to the ship leaving India for China. Its very very difficult to get a ship leaving straight from Dar es salaam to either China or Brazil this are very far routes and under any no circumstances the cargo will have to be transhipped to this Destinations of either far East of Far West. Should a client have is own ship which can come over to Tanzania, Dar es salaam or Tanga port then even 500,000 tons can be picked at once of Silica Sand.


Cleavage None
Colour Pale - Pink to Rose Red
Streak 7
Specific Gravity 2.65
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High Purity (>98 per cent SiO2)
Silica sand is suitable for manufacturing glass bottles, fibreglass insulation and sand blasting occurs in many locations in Dar es Salaam Region and Bagamoyo plus also Bukoba there is a huge deposits of Complete clean Silica Sand. Before in Bukoba Region during the colonial rule there was an in industry which was manufacturing Glasses in the back 1950s the Industry after the Tanzania Independence it was closed. In Dar es Salaam Region there is also a Glass Industry called Kioo Ltd, this industry produces all its glass products with the Silica Sand from Dar es Salaam Region. In order for the Silica sand to produce High Quality Glass the Silica Sand must have a higher Silicon Oxide Content and the content should be more than 98% of SiO2 and should have a lower Iron Oxide (FeO2).If the sand will have a higher Iron (Fe) then the end product will have dark impurities.

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